Dora's story.... and how  Four Paws Lifeline came to be...

I began thinking about this project back in October of 2013 after my cat JC had his leg removed and was ultimately diagnosed with cancer. But I had real doubts that I could pull it off. I was just an animal lover who had their best interest at the forefront of my mind. 

Then in October 2014 the concept came crashing back when Dora, my newest rescue,  swallowed a small piece of rubber and had to have emergency surgery. I was able to take care of this large vet bill with Carecredit. But it occurred to me that there are those that would have had to have their pets euthanized because they wouldn't have been able to afford this. So, I once again started thinking about what could I do. I started talking to people and got very encouraging responses. I mentioned it to a couple of my twitter friends and they quickly volunteered to help. So, I started the process of find out what I needed to do to start a Non-profit. I took it one step at a time and with the amazing help of Dana and Kim I have my online presence. 

My hope is that we are able to raise funds to help pets like Dora who find themselves in emergency situations live a long and happy life.

I hope that you will help us! 

Purrs from Dora

Meet Otis. He is an adorable sweet natured poodle that lives in Maine with his mom. 

Earlier this year he was outside with his mom shoveling snow when he was attacked by another dog! Thankfully his mom was there and intervened and save him from the clutches of that dog. Otis's head was in the other dog's mouth! It was a horrific experience for them both!

Otis had his trachea damaged and jugular exposed by the dog's attack (one more minute and the jugular would have been severed!). He required immediate surgery, drugs, and a lengthy hospital stay.

I am glad to say that Otis has made a full recovery.

Although in this case the owner was able to pay for the required medical care, but in many cases a beloved pet would have been put to sleep because an owner did not have the funds to pay for the needed emergency surgery.