How to Apply

Four Paws Lifeline is determined to help those who need assistance saving their furry companions. We are limited by funds available and may only be able to contribute a portion of what is needed. Please check Other Resources for a list of other Non-Profit Organizations who might be able to help as well.

Please note – no contributions are EVER given directly to individuals. Four Paws Lifeline will ONLY send funds directly to the treating veterinarians. Four Paws Lifeline understands that time can be of the essence and will make every effort to respond a quickly as possible. The verification process will involve Four Paws Lifeline contacting the veterinarian listed on the application to confirm treatment and prognosis. PLEASE inform your vet that we will be calling and PLEASE give them permission to release information. Funding resources are limited, and Four Paws Lifeline makes every effort to use the limited funds in the most responsible way.

Four Paws Lifeline does not discriminate on any basis. This includes discrimination against your pet based on animal type or breed. Four Paws Lifeline reserves the right to deny funding to anyone for any reason. Please read the complete application agreement for details of the application process and restrictions.

If you have ANY trouble, email us and we will email you the document. Also, due to other limitations of this website, applicants will need to fax the completed application back to us. Or it can be printed, completed, scanned then emailed back to us.